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Born Willi-Anton

. . . William Anton Christopher Lee [aka Bill, Will, Willi, Lee]

This page introduces my
personal journal and provides a
dedicated space to request access to it.

It also has dedicated
space for requesting an add
or update to our personal ADDRESS BOOK

Hello Family and Friends. I am moving away from Facebook as my choice for daily journaling.

I chose WordPress as my host environment. WordPress gives me ownership of my content and a secure place that’s protected from Facebook’s whims. WordPress is not another social media company. They are a company using a public domain programing language while hosting independent bloggers and website developers. We ae not another entity creating another for-profit media behemoth.

If you have already requested and received an e-mail invitation

with me here on this website, thank you. The ALREADY REGISTERED link above will take you to my unlocked Personal Journal.

If you have not yet registered, please use the form below. It let’s me know that you stopped by.

I will acknowledge your request and send you a key to unlock my Journal. Please honor our friendship by safe guarding this key.

Help me to create an index field for you in my Address Book.

Please check the best choice.

Thank you.

. . .

There is a good chance that many who find me here on my journal, this website, were born with Mother Nature’s unique artwork on their body Some have been diagnosed with Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome or another syndrome in the same diagnostic family (eg. Parkes Weber, Sturge Weber, CLOVES, Proteus, PROS). These beautiful people have become good friends. Several years ago I opened up my Personal Journal to those who were Born Rare.

Dear friends from the Born Rare community,

I have since parsed my legacy journal – Seen, yet Not Heard – which also served as both a personal journal and a medical-science journal.

When you have requested access to my new Personal Journal here, please also go to the revised and improved Seen, yet Not Heard Journal, my dedicated medical-science journey.

The refreshed Seen, yet Not Heard Journal will also ask that you request an eMail invitation. I wish I was rich enough to create a mutli-site registration process, but I’m clearly not – so unfortunately their is double work to do.

You can make the above requests jointly here. Use the message boxes to do so.

Please stay in touch. Our collective journey, our Born Rare, Living Large journey, is a special part of our lives. Dawne says hello and looks forward to seeing all of us re-united on a more secure platform, divorced of autocratic rules and impersonal administration.

Peace out!

You can request an INVITATION here:

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